Northern Parula – Eye to Eye

Northern Parula is a small warbler less than five inches in length that typically forages in dense foliage of treetops, but during migration it often comes down to lower levels. During The Biggest Week in American Birding at Magee Marsh in Ohio I found several excellent occasions to photograph this colorful species at eye level or below and at close range.

Mourning Warbler – An Elusive Warbler

As I sort through my photo collection from my recent Biggest Week in American Birding trip, I can see why Mourning Warbler is considered elusive and difficult to see well. In fact, my first sighting of this species, which occurred at Magee Marsh, was fleeting at best. I caught a glimpse of it for just a fraction of a second as it foraged in low brush, not staying still for even the briefest of moments and it certainly did not provide a setting conducive to making good photos.

Kirtland’s Warbler – What a Treat!

My most recent 10-day birding trip focused on warbler migration. My first destination was Point Pelee NP where I spent a couple of days followed by eight days at Magee Marsh in Ohio during The Biggest Week in American Birding festival. I had heard many good reports about Magee Marsh. In particular, I’d heard that you frequently get very close looks at the warblers and that photo opportunities were abundant so I decided to check it out for myself this year. I was not disappointed.

Broad-winged Hawks Coming Through

The environment was excellent on at least one day recently for viewing and photographing migrating raptors at Beamer CA Hawkwatch. Today's post focuses on the Broad-winged Hawk. Broad-winged Hawk numbers flying past the tower are currently near their peak. Good sunlight from over my shoulder for much of the flight proved a welcome bonus. Relatively strong winds seemed to limit good thermal conditions, which meant that the Broad-winged Hawk flight was pretty low thereby providing great views.