Non Wood Warblers - May 2016 at Rondeau PP, ON, Point Pelee PP, ON and Magee Marsh, OH

In my previous blog post about my May trip to Rondeau PP, Point Pelee NP and Magee Marsh, I highlighted warblers. In this post, I am focussing on a selection of my non warbler photos. The photos shown here, in addition to several other photos I've uploaded to my Photo Galleries are listed at the end of this blog. If you manage to make it through this long post (in terms of number of images), then feel free to browse the corresponding photo galleries for additional photos I made on this trip.


Wood Warblers - May 2016 at Rondeau PP, ON, Point Pelee PP, ON and Magee Marsh, OH

May is a great month of the year, if you are a birder or bird photographer in Ontario or the northern USA. it is the time of year when warblers and many other bird species are migrating north to their breeding grounds. Recently I visited three areas that are hot spots for warblers during spring migration: Rondeau PP, Ontario, Point Pelee NP, Ontario, and Magee Marsh, Ohio. In fact Magee Marsh celebrates this time of year with The Biggest Week in American Birding festival, which was held from May 6 - 15 this year.

Harlequin Duck in Calm Water

Last weekend I returned to Colonel Sam Smith Park in Toronto, Ontario along Lake Ontario in an effort to locate a HADU that had been seen in the marina area. Sure enough upon arrival on the scene, a beautiful adult male HADU was swimming quite close to shore in the marina.  Every winter and early spring I look forward to photographing this species somewhere along Lake Ontario. HADUs, which are an attractive sea duck are seen occasionally in this part of the country and you can usually count on the odd one or pair hanging around for part of the winter.

Duck Soup

When I head out to photograph birds, things don't always work out as planned. In fact, it rarely goes as planned, but that doesn't mean it's all for naught. Take this past weekend when I set out to photograph a Western Grebe that was reported near the harbour in Port Credit, Ontario along Lake Ontario. Western Grebe is not very common in this part of the country and I thought if I headed out reasonably early in the morning I might have a chance of capturing a nice photo if it happened to be near shore. I quickly spotted it upon my arrival using my scope and observed it for quite some time.

Pine Siskin Among Shrubs

While birding the Long Point area this past weekend, our small group came across several Pine Siskins (PISIs) hanging around a feeder and some nearby thickets. It took a while, but with some patience a few of the birds came out into the open and perched on some thin branches where I was able to capture some images with a blurred background. Of all the images I made, the photo above provided the cleanest background, in my opinion.