Broad-winged Hawks Coming Through

The environment was excellent on at least one day recently for viewing and photographing migrating raptors at Beamer CA Hawkwatch. Today's post focuses on the Broad-winged Hawk. Broad-winged Hawk numbers flying past the tower are currently near their peak. Good sunlight from over my shoulder for much of the flight proved a welcome bonus. Relatively strong winds seemed to limit good thermal conditions, which meant that the Broad-winged Hawk flight was pretty low thereby providing great views.

Neotropic Cormorant Sighting in Ontario

On March 31, a Neotropic Cormorant sighting initially was reported by Brandon Holden as well as others later that day. For Ontario, Canada this is big news as a check on eBird data references only a handful of Neotropic Cormorant sightings in the province, the first going back to 2005 in Wheatley Harbour, Ontario. However, it seems that brief Neotropic Cormorant sightings in Ontario have occurred each year since 2011. This was only the second sighting for the Hamilton, Ontario area on record.